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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grand Opening Sentence Take II

If an opening gambit resonates - reuse it! The more times it appears in print, after all, the more correct the underlying science must be, surely everyone can follow that logic and this is how cargo cult science works after all. Collect the accoutrements and surely the facts must follow.

Two R.S. Bradley openings follow:

"It is often stated that climate in Medieval time was warm, or warmer than “today”.
Such a statement might seem innocuous – a mere scientific curiosity -- but it has
wider significance. For those opposed to action on global warming, the climate in
Medieval time has become a cause célèbre."

"Climate in Medieval time is often said to have been as warm as, or warmer
than, it is “today.” Such a statement might seem innocuous. But for those opposed
to action on global warming, it has become a cause célèbre:"

You would think that simply proving that the climate in Medieval times was cooler than today once would be enough. Of course, you would be thinking far too scientifically. As this is climatology, the proof lies in the number of repetitions of the so called proof, not in any actual proof.

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