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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shilling for a Living

As posted at Bishop Hills. The BBC are paid by the taxpayer, the UEA are paid by the taxpayer. Why shouldn't the BBC and UEA get together and make sure that the taxpayer continues to be terrified into paying more?

I wonder who else at the BBC is a shill? Here's a list...

Jonathan.stewart@bbc.co.uk 2315.txt

Matt.McGrath@bbc.co.uk 1033.txt

Michael.Duffy@bbc.co.uk 2747.txt

alex.kirby@bbc.co.uk 4894.txt

christine.mcgourty@bbc.co.uk 1883.txt

dan.tapster@bbc.co.uk 1724.txt

david.akerman@bbc.co.uk 3841.txt

david.shukman@bbc.co.uk 3526.txt

joanna.malton.01@bbc.co.uk 0999.txt

john.walton.02@bbc.co.uk 3957.txt

jonathan.renouf@bbc.co.uk 1683.txt

julia.barry@bbc.co.uk 2073.txt

mary.colwell@bbc.co.uk 4157.txt


naomi.law@bbc.co.uk 3174.txt

nora.dennehy@bbc.co.uk 3526.txt

pam.rutherford@bbc.co.uk 0216.txt

philip.eden@bbc.co.uk 4689.txt

richard.black@bbc.co.uk enough said

roger.harrabin@bbc.co.uk enough said

roland.pease@bbc.co.uk 1428.txt

sarah.mukherjee@bbc.co.uk 1428.txt

sian.buckley@bbc.co.uk 1428.txt

vicki.barker@bbc.co.uk 1428.txt

...long list, isn't it?

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