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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Real Climate Comment Deletion Ongoing

In recent days there has been a fascinating exchange of information concerning Yamal (see: http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2012/05/yamalian-yawns/ and http://climateaudit.org/2012/05/09/uea-submission-to-tribunal-on-wahl-foi/ (and follow up postings on ClimateAudit).

Things seem to be looking difficult to explain - without considering the possibility of 'unscientific' rocessing of scientific data by the CRU team. Strangely Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt have strenuously occupied them selves claiming that this is a 'molehill' (Mann) and worthy of intensive positioning posts (Schmidt).

I (ZT) made a comment or two on the Real Climate thread linked above, pointing out where Gavin Schmidt's comments were factually incorrect. Strangely my posts were permitted, except the one above, which took issue with a reply to one of ZT's earlier comments. This particular comment did not wind up in the Bore Hole - and I assure you that I entered the captcha code correctly. So it seems that Real Climate are continuing their time tested tradition of deleting comments.

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