....or the cutting and pasting unverifiable theories for fun and profit

Documenting climatology's fascination with regurgitation. Here is a popular example to get you started: Luterbacher and Jones borrow their text from the Mann.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Michael Mann and Stephan Lewandowsky

Michael Mann, defends the fake/inept (your choice) statistics of Stephan Lewandowsky. From 'Michael Mann, Scientist(?)'s Facebook page.
Michael E. Mann says: 'Stephen McIntyre goes back to same dishonest "recipe for manufacturing doubt" behind his attacks on Hockey Stick. His latest attacks on Professor Stephen Lewandowski's new study on climate change denialism actually exploits the same sleight of hand (throwing out important signals in a dataset) behind his original attacks on the Hockey Stick reconstruction, as detailed in "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars"'


  1. Stephan Lewandowsky, Mann's best friend.

  2. Dr Mann, your book is garbage. Just a whine from a discredited activist posing as a scientist.